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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

As Summer draws to It's Close at The Villa...

As Summer draws to It's Close at The Villa...

we will say, "Goodbye" to many of our seasonal patrons.


The fabulous men and women who deprive themselves of the fret and pains of the normal life, put up with the lavish luxury of all the amenities of
The Villa for the Summer; we say farewell for this season.


We salute you in a fond farewell with a toast to your loyal patronage

The passing of another great Summer season at
NatureJockks gay Villa has been a resounding success
and many are distraught that they must return to the real world.


We had so many great surprises for our guests this year, we do hope they will remember us and return next year for more of their great epochs.


Most are packed and leaving before the labor Day festivities and will hopefully be our guests next year.



We have such fond memories of all who have stayed here this Summer.
You made our staff and management very happy to have been able to be a part of our lives.

















We will miss the Summer gang.

Now, we have to prepare for
The Snow Birds at
The Villa.



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    I may just have to quit blogging.


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Off with their heads

Off with their heads