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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

legends have been to The Villa

We are proud to boast that many fabulous people have

stayed with us at

The Villa

Wife of British artist Sir Oswald Birley, Rhoda Birley (née Lecky Pike, 1898/1900—1980) was an eccentric Irish beauty and talented gardener best known today for her high-profile descendants: her children (club owner Mark Birley, fashion plate Maxime de La Falaise), her grandchildren (Yves Saint Laurent muse Loulou de La Falaise, architect Alexis de La Falaise), and her great-granddaughter (fashion model Lucie de La Falaise). Photograph by Valerie Finnis.

Recipe from "Lady Maclean's Cook Book" by Lady (Valerie) Maclean (London: Collins, 1966).


4 tablespoons butter

1 large onion, finely chopped

1/2 cup of apple, finely chopped

1/2 cup of celery, finely chopped

1-1/2 cups of water

3# of small prawns or shrimps, boiled and cleaned

2 tablespoons curry powder

1 pint of cream

2 teaspoons honey [reserve]

Salt and pepper to taste

Put the butter in a frying pan. When melted add the onion, apple, and celery. Simmer these, then add the water. Let all simmer gently until the apple and the celery are tender and most of the liquid has cooked away. Stir into the mixture the seasonings. Add the cream and prawns or shrimps. Cook gently until the cream is reduced to a sauce. Serve with rice, slightly curried with the 2 teaspoons of honey added to it. This can also be served with small bowls of chutney, slivered almonds, pine nuts, and pickled peaches or watermelon.

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Off with their heads

Off with their heads