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Friday, December 11, 2009

Annaul year end Board of Directors meeting coming up soon

Our board meets every year at the years end to determine who does what for the upcoming year.
Some have so much time on their hands.



a fun bunch of candidates are arriving in the next two weeks for the meeting.


It is a lovely bunch of coconuts we have assembling.


We have to cater to all their unusual needs while they are here for the meeting.


We go all out to make their stay ultra comfy!
The rabbit doesn't mind.

We sometimes have to use our in-house roadside assistance crew to help out the tea tottlers when they drive themselves in.


However the are when they arrive, it is just as much a circus as anything else we have to endure the year round!
They usually stay through the Christmas Holiday and we give each and every one of them a lovely wrapped gift to take home.

We do our best to keep them and our guests amused and entertained during this period.

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Off with their heads

Off with their heads