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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Villa has you arriving in style and grace

As always, we here at The Villa want to make your stay as wonderful and elegant as possible.   We are pleased to announce that for your stay at our vast  grounds here at The Villa and the  off shore and island retreats this year, we have a few new methods of transport for you to lavish yourself in.

A few new additions to our onshore fleet will be some Rolls-Royce s'. 
Par excel-lence of motoring around.  Weather you need to move fifty feet of  a mile, these auto's will do you in the style you have become accustomed to. 

Chauffeur is always included and your butler and footman if you desire.

There is something wonderful about the style and feel of a 1930's Rolls-Royce Phantom II.

We had to buy them for you. All of them.

We have acquired the use of a new sailing yacht for our esteemed guest who are nautical aficionados to use. Crew is supplied and so is the champagne, With Petrossian Beluga Caviar and all the accoutrement to go with it.

The art form is always valued here at  The Villa. Many artists come for the season and want to enjoy the sculpt or to paint the human form. We are glad, as always, to assist with such rich endeavours in the arts.

Most of our heavenly male guests do enjoy romps ashore, around the grounds of The Villa or some port of call which we  share on the several destination we have  chosen for them.

Sunning for the perfect tan and tan-line...

Romping alone or with friends  out in the fields or ashore...

One can relax all day alone in the surroundings of peaceful tranquility or with others.

We do have the most fabulous people to meet here at The Villa.  Come out and play and some might just want to make friends with you.

We here at The Villa strongly support and encourage Vice!  In many forms. Practice early makes for  greater tolerance.

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Off with their heads