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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just as soon as you start banging your head against the wall because you realized what an opportunity passed you by because you have not come to 

The Villa for this season.....

Keep banging.  You probably deserve it.

You know we have that inimitable style for which we are renowned for. Class. We exude it here at The Villa. Year after year, season after season. We know how to deliver it darlings. 

Lay back and catch some sun and  peace and solitude on some of our many private  spaces.

We are going to sail into Portofino, Italy this Season with some of our very special guests.

We will be having some enchanted evenings out and with very  sophisticated elegance and style.

For Her......

and or Homme....

Many days and nights to private shores await guest this season.  We have special settings and special ways to get there....


We have 3 of these crafts to use this season. 

Keep watching  for the next  passage from The Villa.

Swim in some of the most enchanting pools and grotto's along the way this season.....

And gaming will be  planned for those wishing to mingle on shore when wee dock  for an excursion as we get away from The Villa for  3 nights in wonderful Monte Carlo.

    There is so much new to keep you and your guests interested when staying at The Villa this season. 

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Off with their heads

Off with their heads